[18+] Oil on Water [2007 – Free Download] English 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

109 Min | Drama – Romance | October 2007

IMDB Rating: 5.7

Director: Matthews Pete

Starring: St. John Alexander, Tyler Bizzell, Greg Bright

Oil on Water Review: Oil on Water is a sensitively made film about mental illness. The story is well told, although a bit slow at times, but the cinematography and the artistic treatment is exceptional. The insight into schizophrenia is horrifying and a real eye-opener. Artistically this fine film has a feeling of being “painted!” The art direction is impeccable. The cinematography is breathtaking. Schizophrenia is a real illness that so many have to deal with every day. Oil on Water is a reminder of that and thought provoking.

It’s no surprise that Oil on Water won awards for best feature film at various prestigious film festivals around the world, nor that the lead actor and actress were recognized at these film festivals for their portrayal of a man suffering from Schizophrenia and his partner. These two, as well as the supporting cast give outstanding performances. The emotion with which they tell the story captures the viewer with it’s rawness. The story itself is chilling and really brings the viewer face to face with a reality of which many people are unaware. The honest way in which Schizophrenia is portrayed may make some feel slightly uncomfortable but it is this honesty that gives the film its power.

The cinematography is amazing, showing the emotions the characters are feeling in every shot. While the acting is somewhat weak compared to international films, it still does justice to the story and when you get into the story you completely forget that it is a South African film. Beautiful and definitely recommended to educate audiences on love and schizophrenia. Oil on Water is truly beautiful, profoundly moving, and an incredible work of art. This film should be watched by all who have been affected by, or know people, with a mental illness.

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